Date Published Title Publishing Authors Publications File
04-28-2016 Tolerance of egg and larval fishes to rapid decompression Craig A. Boys, Wayne Robinson, Brett Miller, Brett Pflugrath, Lee J. Baumgartner, Anna Navarro, Richard Brown and Zhiqun Deng Tolerance-egg-larval-fishes-rapid-decompression.pdf
04-27-2016 Relating fish health and reproductive metrics to contaminant bioaccumulation at the Tennessee Valley Authority Kingston coal ash spill site Brenda M. Pracheil, S. Marshall Adams, Mark S. Bevelhimer, Allison M. Fortner, Mark S. Greeley Jr., Cheryl A. Murphy, Teresa J. Mathews, Mark J. Peterson Relating_fish_health_and_reproductive_metrics_to_contaminant.pdf
04-22-2016 Experimental and Numerical Modeling Tools for Conventional Hydropower Systems Zhiqun Daniel Deng,Thomas J. Carlson, GeneR. Ploskey,Richard S. Brown,Gary E. Johnson, and Alison H. A. Colotelo Experimental-numerical-modeling-tools.pdf
04-22-2016 Environmental Issues Related to Conventional Hydropower Zhiqun Daniel Deng,Alison H. Colotelo, Richard S. Brown, andThomas J. Carlson Environmental-Issues-Conventional-Hydropower.pdf
03-19-2016 A synthesis of environmental and recreational mitigation requirements at hydropower projects in the United States Michael P. Schramm, Mark S. Bevelhimer, Chris R. DeRolph A_Synthesis_of_Environmental_and_Recreational_Mitigation_Requirements.pdf
01-18-2016 Classification of US Hydropower Dams by Their Modes of Operation R. A. McManamay, C. O. Oigbokie, S.-C. Kao and M. S. Bevelhimer Classification_of_US_Hydropower_Dams_by_their_ Modes_of_Operation.pdf
01-06-2016 CO2 is Dominant Greenhouse Gas Emitted from Six Hydropower Reservoirs in Southeastern United States during Peak Summer Emissions Mark S. Bevelhimer, Arthur J. Stewart, Allison M. Fortner, Jana R. Phillips and Jennifer J. Mosher CO2_is_Dominant_Greenhouse_Gas_Emitted_from_Six_Hydropower_Reservoirs.pdf
12-18-2015 A piecewise regression approach for determining biologically relevant hydraulic thresholds for the protection of fishes at river infrastructure C. A. Boys, W. Robinson, B. Miller, B. Pflugrath, L. J. Baumgartner, A. Navarro,R.Brown‖ and Z. Deng A-Piecewise-Regression.pdf
10-29-2015 Spatial and Temporal Correlates of Greenhouse Gas Diffusion from a Hydropower Reservoir in the Southern United States Jennifer J. Mosher, Allison M. Fortner, Jana R. Phillips, Mark S. Bevelhimer, Arthur J. Stewart , and Matthew J. Troia Spatial_and_Temporal_Correlates_of_Greenhouse_Gas_Diffusion.pdf
10-01-2015 Comparative Study of Barotrauma Risk during Fish Passage through Kaplan Turbines MC Richmond P Romero-Gomez JA Serkowski CL Rakowski M Graf Comparative-study-barotrauma-risk.pdf