Date Published Title Publishing Authors Publications File
03-01-2017 Assessing and Testing Hydrokinetic Turbine Performance and Effects on Open Channel Hydrodynamics: An Irrigation Canal Case Study Budi Gunawan, Vincent S. Neary, Josh Mortensen, Jesse D. Roberts Assessing-Testing-Hydrokinetic-Turbine-Performance-Effects.pdf
02-09-2017 Modeling Total Dissolved Gas for Optimal Operation of Multireservoir Systems Marcela Politano, Aff.M.ASCE; Alejandro Castro; and Boualem Hadjerioua Modeling Total Dissolved Gas for Optimal Operation.pdf
02-01-2017 Exemplary Design Envelope Specification for Standard Modular Hydropower Technology Adam Witt Brennan T. Smith Achilleas Tsakiris Thanos Papanicolaou Kyutae Lee Kevin M. Stewart Exemplary_Design_Envelope_Specification_for_Standard_Modular.pdf
02-01-2017 A Multi-Year Plan for Research, Development, and Prototype Testing of Standard Modular Hydropower Technology Brennan T. Smith Adam Witt Kevin M. Stewart Kyutae Lee Scott DeNeale Mark Bevelhimer A_Multi-Year_Plan_for_Research_Development_and_Prototype_Testing_of_Standard_Modular_Hydropower_Technology.pdf
01-01-2017 Effects of Climate Change on Federal Hydropower Effects_of_Climate_Change_on_Federal_Hydropower.pdf
12-31-2016 US Hydropower Market Report 2017 Update (April) Rocio Uria-Martinez, Megan Johnson, Patrick O'Connor US-Hydropower-Market-Report-2017-Update_20170403.pdf
11-28-2016 A traits-based approach for prioritizing species for monitoring and surrogacy selection Brenda M. Pracheil, Ryan A. McManamay, Mark S. Bevelhimer, Chris R. DeRolph, Glenn F. A_traits_based_approach_from_prioritizing_species.pdf
09-21-2016 Extreme hydrological changes in the southwestern US drive reductions in water supply to Southern California by mid century BriannaR Pagán, Moetasim Ashfaq, Deeksha Rastogi, DonaldR Kendall, Shih-Chieh Kao, Bibi S Naz, Rui Mei and Jeremy S Pal Extreme_hydrological_changes_in_the_southwestern_US_drive.pdf
09-01-2016 The Second Assessment of the Effects of Climate Change on Federal Hydropower Shih-Chieh Kao, Moetasim Ashfaq, Bibi S. Naz, Rocio Uría Martínez, Deeksha Rastogi, Rui Mei, Yetta Jager, Nicole M. Samu, and Michael J. Sale The_Second_Assessment_of_the_Effects_of_Climate_Change_on_Federal_Hydropower.pdf
09-01-2016 Preliminary Feasibility Study of a Hybrid Solar and Modular Pumped Storage Hydro System at Biosphere 2 Adam Witt Rebecca Brink Dol Raj Chalise Boualem Hadjerioua Kevin Lansey Chris Hortsman Preliminary_Feasibility_Study_of_a_Hybrid_Solar_and_Modular.pdf