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07-01-2016 Hydropower Vision Executive Summary
07-01-2016 Hydropower Vision
07-26-2015 Dynamic Modeling of Adjustable-Speed Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant E. Muljadi, M. Singh, and V. Gevorgian M. Mohanpurkar and R. HovsapianV. Koritarov
08-01-2016 Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study Aaron Bloom, Aaron Townsend, David Palchak, Joshua Novacheck, Jack King, Clayton Barrows, Eduardo Ibanez, Matthew O’Connell, Gary Jordan, Billy Roberts
03-01-2012 Western Wind and Solar Integration Study: Hydropower Analysis T. Acker and C. Pete
02-01-2017 A Multi-Year Plan for Research, Development, and Prototype Testing of Standard Modular Hydropower Technology Brennan T. Smith Adam Witt Kevin M. Stewart Kyutae Lee Scott DeNeale Mark Bevelhimer
03-19-2016 A synthesis of environmental and recreational mitigation requirements at hydropower projects in the United States Michael P. Schramm, Mark S. Bevelhimer, Chris R. DeRolph
11-28-2016 A traits-based approach for prioritizing species for monitoring and surrogacy selection Brenda M. Pracheil, Ryan A. McManamay, Mark S. Bevelhimer, Chris R. DeRolph, Glenn F.
01-18-2016 Classification of US Hydropower Dams by Their Modes of Operation R. A. McManamay, C. O. Oigbokie, S.-C. Kao and M. S. Bevelhimer
01-06-2016 CO2 is Dominant Greenhouse Gas Emitted from Six Hydropower Reservoirs in Southeastern United States during Peak Summer Emissions Mark S. Bevelhimer, Arthur J. Stewart, Allison M. Fortner, Jana R. Phillips and Jennifer J. Mosher